Let’s Talk 2017/18 Kit’s

Alright, the time is here. Undeniably the most exciting time for most football fans out there. Kit launches. The time to see what your team will be wearing for the upcoming season – and the time to see the best kit’s around this year. I’m going to be showing you my favourite five kits for the 2017/18 season around the world.

5. Liverpool 2017/18 Third Kit

Who doesn’t love a outrageous bright coloured football top? And Liverpool deliver once again this season with their bright Orange Third kit. I love the colour and also the ”125 Years” to celebrate the clubs 125th-year anniversary.

4. Hibernian 2017/18 Home Kit

What I love about this kit is the attention to detail, the harp, castle and ship embodied behind the actual badge, the ”Glory, Glory” printed on the back of the neck and the retro neck around the top.

3. Club America 2017/18 Away Kit

Now something a little different, what a lovely design it is and I love Club America’s badge too, the only thing that ruins this for me is the amount of sponsors and advertising there is on it, but they do have to make money some how I suppose.

2. Real Madrid 2017/18 Away Kit

I really like the simplicity of this kit, as well as the Aqua-ish blue for the badging and stripes. Really good kit.

  1. Juventus 2017/18 Third Kit

    Juventus have really out-done themselves this year with their third kit. The Khaki, black and white work oh so well together, I’m actually surprised more teams don’t make kits in Khaki as it looks VERY nice as a football kit, also – the new badge, I think it looks way better than Juventus’ old badge, its more modern, more clean and looks better on a shirt.


Well, theres my top five. Can’t get enough of that Juventus third kit – will definitely be purchasing this year. I’m always looking for new beautiful kits – feel free to show me your favourites!


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